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Chair’s report

Chair’s report for year ended 31st December 2019
As Chairman I must firstly talk about the devastating news concerning the untimely death of one of our long serving Trustees, Howard Morrish.
Howard had been a Trustee almost since the Charity’s inception in 2014 and joined on the day he moved into the village when he was “persuaded” to join by Martin Dickinson. His help and support, his sense of humour and of course his amazing curries (enjoyed by many of the villagers at our Curry and Quiz nights) will be sorely missed. We send our heartfelt condolences to Ellie and the boys.

Our meeting today will be much shorter than usual, due to Zoom limitations, but we hope that we can all meet in the church next year. 2019 was a very quiet year for us and regrettably we have had no news of new trustees joining our small team.

We are guided by the Parochial Church Council in the work we fund each year. They in turn use their magnificently named Quinquennial Surveyor’s Report guiding what needs to be done and when. However, no work was done in the church last year other than the replacement of new and brighter lights for the Christmas star which everyone in the village has come to enjoy. I give my grateful thanks to Ian Hughes and Mark Fairfax for their continuing efforts in making the star shine brightly over the Christmas season.
We were expecting a second radiator for the font area to be installed early in 2019 but it was damaged in transit and have had no further news as to when it might be installed.
Our fund raising events ceased in March 2020 but we hope to resume as soon as government regulations permit.
I must thank the many continuing and regular donors to the charity who’s funds are being safely held until needed.
The roof will need some serious work done in the next few years and we expect that to cost around £50,000 at today’s costs. The work will enable the roof to be insulated and much of the rafters and stonework to be replaced. We already have a fund of just over £15,000 designated for roof repairs.
I pass on my grateful thanks to Wendy Wiggett, Lucy Fairfax (our treasurer) and Pam McAdam our secretary.
Without further ado I pass you over to Lucy for her treasurer’s report after which we will “un-mute” all, enabling your comments and questions to be heard by everybody.
Thank you.
Derek Ruskin
Chair, Friends of St James, Bishampton

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