AGM 2021

Chair’s report for 2020

I am extremely pleased to welcome four new trustees, namely Bill Dobie, Mike Rickard, Rosemary Rickard and Robert Preston.

Bill was of course an original trustee of the charity back in 2012 and together with Robert Preston has organised talks for the charity in past years.

Whilst most of you now know that Wendy Wiggett and I are standing down as trustees at this AGM, Lucy Fairfax and Pam McAdam are remaining as trustees for a little while to ensure the smooth running of the charity.

I give my sincere thanks to the retiring trustees for the work they have done with me over the last three years:

  • to Wendy Wiggett who has been a trustee since 2014
  • to Lucy Fairfax (our treasurer)
  • and to Pam McAdam our secretary

We will of course be helping the new trustees as they progress into their new roles.

Our meeting today will be shorter than usual due to the pandemic limitations.

The wine and nibbles usually served will sadly be virtual.

But, we sincerely hope that we can all meet in the church in 2022.

2020 was again a very quiet year for us and regrettably we were unable to hold our usual events because of the pandemic.

But, we are planning a quiz in the Villages Hall, hopefully in September, and perhaps a talk in the church later this year. More details will be publicised on our website, once the government has issued detailed guidelines.

As you well know, we are guided by the Parochial Church Council in the work we fund each year and the latest Quinquennial review, held in March this year, reported that the church is generally good condition although some costly work is recommended for some windows.

Work done in 2020 was limited to minor gutter maintenance and replacing 30 or so tiles on the roof. That work was completed in December 2020 and we are pleased to announce the long awaited second radiator under the bell tower has just been installed.

The St James Christmas star has become a welcome feature for the village and I give my grateful thanks to Mark Fairfax for his continuing efforts in making the star shine brightly over the Christmas season. My thanks are also due to Mark Platts for joining me, with Mark Fairfax, on the roof last December.
I thank those members, of the charity, who continue their regular donations.

Those funds are being safely held until needed. Of course we know that the roof will need some serious work done within the next few years and we expect that to cost around £50,000 at today’s prices. That work will enable the roof to be insulated and much of the rafters and stonework to be replaced.

That’s all from me just now as I pass over to Lucy and her Treasurer’s Report

Thank you.
Derek Ruskin

Chair: Friends of St James, Bishampton

Annual report and accounts for 2020

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