Much work still remains to be completed and consequently, our role is as important now as it has ever been. In particular, the main (and most expensive!) issue to be addressed in the next few years is the roof, repair of which is estimated at £50,000.

Other structural and maintenance issues will add about a further £35,000 of funds that will need to be raised in order to keep St James in good order.

So, since its creation in 2012, Friends of St James still has a very real and sizeable role to perform!

If you share our love for this great heritage building and, like us, would wish to see it maintained and used for the benefit of the whole community, please consider joining us a ‘Friend’ using Contact Us

Even better, why not get involved as a Trustee to help us introduce new events, decide on and allocate funds to projects or apply for grants to further enhance the work that can be accomplished?

Using Give as You Live, 1% of your shopping spend then comes to FoSJ, at NO cost to you

As mentioned in our 2016 newsletter, Give As You Live (GaYL) is a great way of generating extra income for Friends of St James at no cost to you!

Give as you live

Every time you buy an item online from most well known stores (Amazon, John Lewis Tesco, Boots, Argos, B&Q, etc.) via the GAYL website, the store makes a donation to your chosen charity (Friends of St James!). In our initial trial, just seven ‘Friends’ raised nearly £100 from 128 transactions.

If all of our members did likewise, we could easily raise an additional four figure sum to help maintain our Church Building. Each shopping trip this way gives FoSJ at least 1% of your bill that you would have paid in any case, a no brainer!

The trustees of FoSJ us it and we think it is a great way to get extra cash for our cause. You can register directly with GAYL on their website BUT if you use the link below, the FoSJ will get an extra £5 as soon as you have raised your first £5 for us through your everyday purchases via the GAYL website.

  1. Click on this link
  2. Click on the green Sign Up for Free button and follow the instructions
  3. When asked for the charity to support enter “The Friends Of St James Bishampton”
  4. Choose your favourite on-line stores
  5. You will create a password and then receive a thank you email from FoSJ via GAYL
  6. Then, whenever you then want to shop

Our thanks got to the following organisations and charities who have provided grants towards our projects since 2012.

Welcome to our Future
All Churches Trust Logo
Rowlands Charities Trust
Laslett’s Hinton Charity
Edward Cadbury Charitable Trust

We are very grateful to local businesses who have sponsored our fund-raising activities

Regal Cinema, Evesham
Smart Cut Ltd
The Vale Golf Club
Evesham Golf Club
Wood Norton Hotel
Panesar Foods

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