How FoSJ works with the PCC

Pre-requisites to Fund Significant Projects

The main aim of Friends of St James is to raise funds so as to help to preserve the fabric St James Church and it’s curtilage.

In order to avoid any confusion, the trustees of Friends of St James Bishampton thought it would be useful to outline their basic requirements in order to be able to sanction the funding of significant projects.

As a basis for discussion, we are considering these to be any that require a grant to the PCC for the entire project of greater than £2,000 inclusive of all invoices, fees and contingencies.

Key Requirements

1. Projects will be limited to capital projects for changes to the fabric of the church and its curtilage as well as necessary maintenance to preserve said fabric.

2. A brief project description – what is required, why it is required and the benefits to St James and the community of undertaking the project.

3. A prioritisation of any particular project against other projects that the PCC have underway, in mind, or foresee.

4. A full budget for the entire project – this should include the full amount that could be required from Friends to complete the project. This should include costs of the works, any professional fees (architects, solicitors, surveyors etc), utility costs (changes to electricity, gas water sewerage etc), taxes (VAT if applicable) and any other costs that would arise as a result of the project and a contingency of up to 15% of the otherwise projected costs.

5. Competitive quotes from appropriate contractors to undertake the works and to support the main elements of the budget above. Under some circumstances, individual quotes from well known contractors may be agreed on a case by case basis where it appears clear that ‘best value’ is being obtained.

6. Support from the PCC in supplying any further information, photographs, plans etc., where applicable in:

a. Applying for grants from external organisations in support of the project

b. Providing media coverage of the proposed, in progress or finished project

c. Promoting the work of Friends of St James in the Bishampton area

Given the above elements, Friends of St James can consider requests for funding and, if approved, are likely to provide funds on the basis that they will not exceed the supplied budget figure for that particular project.

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