Chairman: Derek Ruskin

Email or Tel: 01386 462555

Derek is keen to support and promote more musical events in the church and is choirmaster for the Bishampton Pop-Up Christmas choir. Website administrator.

Treasurer: Lucy Fairfax


I have lived in the village for a few years and am fortunate enough to have a view of the church from my house. I joined the Friends as I would hate to see our magnificent church fall into disrepair or worse lost to the Village all together.
Secretary: Pam McAdam


St James Church is a magnificent building and the thought of it being left to decay because of lack of funding is a worry. I firmly believe that churches should be used for community events for adults and children alike so I hope I can contribute to keeping the church alive.

Trustee: Wendy Wiggett;

Email or Tel: 01386 462500

I have lived in the village since 1979. I have two daughters, both have been confirmed and married and my four grandchildren  christened in our lovely village church, St. James’. This village and the church hold many special memories for my family and I hope this will continue for the  families that  have and will be joining us. St. James Church is a very special building and we hope will be preserved for the use of  the community.